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Cabeza de Topo, edició 14 dedicat a Juan Antonio Nieto

BOOM! Very happy to announce “Cabeza de Topo #14”. In this edition we want to remember the great artist and friend Juan Antonio Nieto, which is why we wanted to meet again at the CC Convent de Sant Agustí three years after that wonderful meeting where we had the good fortune to enjoy and experience his last performance in direct The magic of Juan Antonio Nieto is still here with us.

JAVIER PIÑANGO will present i.r.real 10, his last album within the i.r.real project born in 2010. In this case, the work process from the idea of ​​shaping an I.R.REAL Madrid, was to build this itinerary, this crossing with a beginning and end through 17 locations that for one reason or another were suggestive to him. “Building everything that surrounds the sound_visual_written artefact of IRREAL 10 has been a long process of two years, hard, complicated, sometimes even painful, traversed by the pandemic, diseases, losses, anxieties, difficulty…; but also for COMPLICITY. I.R.REAL 10 dey23 the friendship with Almudena Villar and his fantastic photographic work, and of the also complicit and ever-present memory of the musician friend who attended from the shadows for a large part of the process and to whom, of course, he is dedicated this work: Juan Antoni, the great Juan Antoni.” There will be a preliminary talk about the whole process.

ENRIQUE DEL CASTILLO with his Umbrafono project. A performance with three optical readers capable of transforming into sound the optical stimuli that generate a beam of light when passing through celluloid films designed by the same author. All are original compositions. The films are designed based on a relationship scheme between the wave frequency of the notes and the repetition of geometric shapes, so that they generate harmonic sounds, noises and sound textures. This project is based on the optical-analog reading system used in cinema since 1919 for the interpretation of soundtracks.

DANI BLUE will offer a sound collage in tribute to Juan Antonio Nieto, made with the DJ’s own tools, based on recordings by other artists, including Juan Antonio himself. It will be an improvised performance/session with the aim of recreating Nieto’s acoustic universes from one’s own perspective.

Noble Room


27 Jan 2023


19:00 - 22:00


Convent de Sant Agustí
Carrer del Comerç, 28, Barcelona, Spain


4'33'' Café


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