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dimecres de so i cos : THIS IS NOT A FAD!

A CHILLIDA, for baritone saxophone and electronics (1997). Mercè Capdevila

AGRION HASTÉ, for baritone saxophone and electronics in real time (2019). Manon Lepauvre

TRIGGER_IIb, for baritone saxophone and electronics (2023). Martina Claussen

Concert of women composers. Works for baritone saxophone and electronic music.

“Sound does not always have to produce a relaxing effect. Sometimes it has to agitate us, provoke us, to activate our senses, our mind and our body. The three works that make up the concert propose different relationships with our perception.

In A CHILLIDA we can feel the solidity of a metallic body and the limits of its spaces. In AGRION HASTÉ the speed of movement generates a multiplication of the being that takes flight like a butterfly. Finally, with TRIGGER_llb we find a body in dialogue with its multiple possibilities of gestural freedom. Like a liquid gesture that takes on diverse forms and penetrates everything”.

THIS IS NOT A FAD! is the most recent project of Morphosis Duo. The programme is open and consists exclusively of original works by women composers. Although we cannot change a past in which the role of women in music has been so marginal (especially in the field of composition), we have a responsibility to eradicate any kind of discrimination and to lay this foundation for new generations of artists.


10 Jan 2024


19:00 - 21:00


L'Afluent, MIXTUR, SÂLMON, Taller de músics, La Bastida, Barcelona Improfest, Africa moment, Gresol Art
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