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Dimecres de so i cos “Respiro y luego existo” per La Niña Jacarandá

Respiro, luego existo (I breathe, therefore I am) is an immersive session in which the sound/musical selection seeks to build atmospheres that encourage meditative listening, with the aim of entering into direct contact with the state of one’s own body. The voice of the artist will be incorporated into the session, which will mark the “scores” of the breathing cycles of those who participate.

As a title, Respiro, luego existo,  rejects the division and binarism between corporeality and rational thought, championed mainly by western philosophy, where corporeality is usually linked to “the feminine” (body, emotionality, subjectivity) and that being the opposite of the masculine (rational mind, objectivity, universal and empirical truth), it is usually read as less valid at the level of political, material and symbolic enunciation.



05 Jul 2023


19:00 - 22:00

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Santa Mònica
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