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Dimecres de so i cos AQUÒFON. SONATA DEL SOMNI. Patxi Valera

Aquophone Micronecta. Dream Sonata.

The Aquophone is an innovative electronic sound generator of our own creation, activated by the percussion of water drops. The dripping system recreates the enormous possibilities of the random polyrhythm of nature and allows us to compose in real time a whole range of unique, ephemeral and unrepeatable sound fantasies.

Dream Sonata is a relaxing proposal in which the sound possibilities of the automaton system are explored through its slow musical rain, combined with different musical scales from the East.

The work is conceived as a sound journey and a contemporary oasis for all audiences. It finds its inspiration in sounds of nature and is born with the intention of invoking calm.

It represents a tribute to floating states, to the border between wakefulness and reverie, to the special moment in which each spectator completes with their imagination, the silence between the drops.

Aquophone is a creation of Parto.

Parto are LAR Legido and Patxi Valera.


Links of interest:

WEB: www.aquofono.com

1 AquoMicro UV. Sunday Sounds

2 Aquófono Micronecta. Water Caution


14 Feb 2024


20:00 - 22:00

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Santa Mònica
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