Volatile #9
In this edition we will have a double bill with the following performances:
1/ Pablo Volt | presents “How to survive the summer”
“The songs on this album were recorded during the last 15 days of July and the first 10
August 2023 following the same method: every day before breakfast and before going to sleep
recorded an improvisation with the trumpet, as a survival strategy for the heat and lack of
money in the middle of summer, also as an exercise in spiritual salvation.
Once the improvisation was recorded, he added two more tracks, limiting the material to only 3 tracks on
total: one track with the original improvisation and two others with a sample of that track
that I can manipulate and play to transform into keyboards, voices or percussions. Following this
strategy I was composing pieces at a rate of two per day. The limitation of material and
methodology conditioned the result: in the morning recordings, for example, made without
warm up or before having breakfast, I would write down the first thing that came into my head as if I were writing down the
dreams or practice automatic writing.”

Pablo Volt aka Pope is an Argentine-Chilean musician, producer and composer residing in Barcelona.
since 2000. His musical imagination is based on dub and improvised music. Participates
in projects like STA, Fuego, Barba Corsini or Coure and plays or collaborates with musicians like Mark
Cuningham, J.G.G., F.S.Blumm or Eduard Altaba. He also makes music for dance, film and arts

2/ Sònia Sánchez [Dance and touch] |
Edu Pons [Bass clarinet and soprano sax] |
Fernando Carrasco [electric guitar + fx] |

Sònia Sánchez is a dancer from flamenco, improvisation and Japanese body weather dance,
being the danced space and the improvised sound through the body in movement what
fundamental of their jobs. He began his research between the rhythms of flamenco and the
organic speed of body weather in 2001, later adding free music to his
trajectory. In 2014 he created the piece “Le Ça”, co-produced by Mercat de les Flors of Barcelona and
Rencontres chorégraphiques de Seine – Saint Denis, also rotating with pieces such as “The Fold”,
“SAI the dream of the butterfly”, “Corners and clearings of forests”, “La Mirada 3.0”. Likewise, it has
shared the stage with countless musicians such as Agustí Fernández, Jordina Millà, Nuno
Rebelo, Johannes Nästesjö, Albert Cirera and a long etcetera.

Edu Pons is a saxophonist, but above all a listener. His travels have ranged from jazz to folk, from
classical music to free improvisation. With the transmission of feelings as a maxim,
develops a personal voice that orbits between dreamlike whispers and wild roars. Ha
collaborated in groups as eclectic as Marina Herlop, Omar Sosa & Music Workshop
Ensemble, with the double bassist Giulia Valle, or in the irreverent Reptilian Mambo. It is also
founder of the bands Bang Mantra, In Roots, Hulm, Hekura and Lidia Facerías & Edu Pons.
Some works with these groups are released on their own label, Dungchen Records.

Fernando Carrasco is a guitarist attracted to the exploration of the textural world of sound and its
expansive aspect, the tension between the abstract and the minimalist melody, drone, ambient and
use of elements typical of North American folk. He has been a member of the training
Völga and L’Ocell, with whom he has published several albums.


23 Mar 2024


19:00 - 21:00


7,00 €


Fernando Carrasco
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