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Festival MIXTUR: Alexandra Radulescu & Annabelle Playe

The term KRASIS originates in ancient Greece and means the action of combining. For us, the image of the world as krasis contains the potential to establish a more connected and meaningful relationship with our environment, in the line of thought of the philosopher E. Coccia. There is also a sense of surprise at this universality. We are stunned by its beauty and affected by the fear of its fullness. Annabelle Playe is a multidisciplinary artist. His music oscillates between electroacoustic, drone and noise. It focuses on the physicality of sound and timbre, with an emphasis on musical structure. His live setup is made with electronic instruments. In 2010 he founded “AnA compagnie”, a production company dedicated to interdisciplinary projects. Alexandra Rădulescu is a digital artist and designer who focuses on interactive and immersive experiences. His work is driven by a desire to extend our relationship with technology through tangible and gesture-based interfaces.

KRASIS (2020), Alexandra Rădulescu & Annabelle Playe (FR) Annabelle Playe, electronic music Alexandra Rădulescu, interactive visuals

tickets at: https://entradium.com/es/events/festival-mixtur-2022/sessions/13-10-2022-20-00-barcelona


13 Oct 2022


20:00 - 22:00

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