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Ensemble Kompopolex MIXTUR 2023

The Kompopolex Ensemble (Poland) presents a very peculiar concert that goes from music to performance in continuous hybridization. To open and close the program, they bring together two pieces by the legendary minimalist and experimental composer, La Monte Young, who quickly frames this concert for us in a different and original situation. Some of La Monte Young’s sometimes indeterminate works, with few sounds or even text-only “scores”, have caused them to be classified as conceptual music. In contrast, Kompopolex presents two very recent works from its country of origin. Body X Ultra by Marta Śniady, problematizes the beautification and improvement of the human body with the help of technology. While Breathe by Rafał Ryterski, deals with some social movements and political demands, which took place in 2020, giving a breath (Breathe), with its presence in the public space and in society as a whole. Let’s change geography, now to northern Europe (specifically Norway), with Memory Box #2 by Martin A. Hirsti-Kvam. As the title suggests, this piece emerges from a box full of everyday objects and sounds that come to life with transducers, projections and choreographed movements. Finally, the renowned Irish composer Jennifer Walshe, with a work that we can translate as EVERYTHING YOU HAVE HAS BEEN TAKEN TO A DEPOSIT SOMEWHERE, will focus on the performative aspect and the use of different objects in the performance. A piece that perfectly characterizes the original proposal of the Ensemble Kompopolex in this concert.



Aleksandra Gołaj, perc-performer / Rafał Łuc, perc-performer / Jacek Sotomski, electr-performer


06 Oct 2023


20:00 - 22:00


10,00 €

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