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Dimecres de so i cos RELAY II

RELAY II is a score for dance and music, created by the composer and percussionist Luis Tabuenca in collaboration with the dancer and choreographer Èlia Genís. The word “relay” suggests the idea of passing something from one place to another in a continuous and fluid way, which is conveyed in a choreography and a musical composition that are transmitted and transformed between the performers throughout the performance.

The choreography and music is structured in a modular way, with sections repeating and developing in different ways as the duo exchange energy and inspiration with each other. This creates a dynamic performance experience, where each moment is unique and influenced by the real-time interaction between the performers.


Wednesdays of sound and body 2024 builds on the proposals of:

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10 Apr 2024


19:00 - 21:00

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Santa Mònica
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